Commercial contracts
(including real estate)

We help clients to develop standard form commercial contracts for doing business in Russia.
We also advise clients on lease, rental, supply, services, distribution, public utility and other commercial contracts.

In addition, some of our clients have asked us to carry out audits of documentation they use in business processes and to recommend changes to render them compliant with Russian legislation and ensure the protection of our clients' interests.
  • Advising a Russian legal entity on the launch of a mobile aggregator of automotive goods and services, in particular, drafting a template cooperation agreement to be signed with all service providers aggregated in the app and a user agreement, as well as advising the client on various regulatory requirements for the launch of a mobile app and on the applicability of a commission charged by App Store and Google Play on services sold through the app
  • Advising a Russian legal entity on general contractor agreement, developing and negotiating over such agreement, for construction of a holiday center in Moscow Region
  • Advising a reputable English law firm on Russian law issues
  • Legal support of Centre for Sports Physiology and Biomechanics "MySportExpert" which covered developing a package of contracts to be concluded with clients and suppliers, as well as documents ensuring the company's business, and consulting on regulatory requirements
  • Development of templates of a loan agreement and suretyship agreement upon request of a Russian entrepreneur
  • Advising a major Russian manufacturer of railway products (UBT-UVZ JSC) under English law on potential dispute in the LCIA under an aircraft leasing agreement
  • Advising a Russian legal entity, the owner of real estate, on entering into a real estate lease agreement governed by Russian law
  • Advising a Russian distributor of a major international pharmaceutical company on matters arising from distribution activity in the pharmaceutical sector in the Russian Federation
  • Advising an international publishing house on issues of restructuring its legal relations with consumers and on its Russian subsidiaries taxation
  • Advising an American manufacturer of medical equipment on drafting and negotiating a commercial contract under Russian law between the client's Russian subsidiary and a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation for the development, production and distribution of medical equipment in Russia, as well as advising on general corporate matters in Russia
  • Advising a representative of an American manufacturer of medical equipment in Russia on matters arising from a services agreement with Bakulev Center in order to implement a project for the production in Russia of chips and microchips for medical devices under a US licensed technology
  • Advising Apple on distribution in Russia
  • Advising Sinopec, a Chinese oil company, on the rent of commercial real estate
  • Advising a Russian subsidiary company of a European consumer products manufacturer on the development of standard form contracts with Russian wholesale suppliers, retailers and pharmacies, including advice on compliance with procurement and antitrust law
  • Advising an international tobacco company on a distribution agreement with a Russian company, including advice on a potential participation in the share capital of a distributor
  • Advising Japanese automotive companies on incorporating Russian subsidiaries, including developing a full set of supply contracts covering all stages of the supply chain
  • Advising an international hotel operator on the development of franchise, license and service agreements for all of its projects in Russia
  • Advising a foreign investment fund on intellectual property agreements